There will be no vehicular access to the Ginger Village Road from the Belmont main road during the period Wednesday, 8th to Sunday 19th August, 2018.

The temporary arrangement is being made to facilitate the construction of the cross-road culvert that is part of the road rehabilitation works currently underway.

On 2nd September 2013, a large landslide occurred on the Belmont main road in the area of Ginger Village, rendering the road impassable.

The road is the main inland arterial road that connects several large communities between Mount Pleasant/Peruvian Vale and Arnos Vale, Fairhall, Belmont, Mesopotamia, Ginger Village, Evesham, Hopewell, Calder and Richland Park.

This road is also the main inland route to the new International Airport at Argyle. As a result of the landslide, the road has been blocked and traffic has not been able to use the road over half of its length. This has caused significant disruption in the movement of traffic and great difficulty for the road users.

To address the issue, the Government signed a contract with Dipcon Engineering Services Ltd. on 28th April 2017, in the amount of $3,821,822.77, to execute the road rehabilitation works, which commenced on Monday, 16th October 2017. The works are being funded by the EU.





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