The original voucher is retained by the department for updating the bin card and general ledger.

The duplicate voucher, along with the journal voucher, is forwarded to head office which inputs the information into Smart Stream for onward transmission to the Treasury Department.
The triplicate copy is returned to the respective government department for its records.

Gate Pass

The Office Clerk prepares a gate pass which shows all items issued. This gate pass is prepared in triplicate. Both the original and duplicate copies are issued to the person receiving the materials. These copies are presented to the gate attendant who verifies that all materials issued are recorded. The original copy is retained by the gate attendant to be attached to the original RIV.

The duplicate copy is kept by the recipient.

The gate attendant's register must be signed by the recipient before exiting the compound.

The triplicate copy remains in the book.


Each customer is responsible for transporting his/her material. No. I.D. card is necessary.

Private Persons

Permission must be sought from the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transport, Works, Urban Development and Local Government by private persons wishing to purchase material from Public Works Stores.


All payments are made to the Accountant General. These payments should be posted to the appropriate account of the Ministry.

Bin Cards and General Ledger

A separate folio number is given to each individual item.

The Office Clerk ensures that:

The correct folio number is entered on the voucher
The correct SIV is entered on the voucher
The voucher has an account number

Accounts Clerk

The Accounts Clerk ensures the following:

Correct calculation
Correct SIV number
Correct folio number
The proper accounting procedure is carried out


Halifax Street
(same compound as Ministry of Education)

Opening Hours

Mon – Fri
8:00am – 4:15pm
(784) 456-1111
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