Domestic Installation apply to Installation under 100 amps that is used for Residential /dwelling purposes only.


Industrial properties have their own specific requirements, but the in the main, industrial wiring and installation is similar to commercial wiring. However, it uses a three-phase power structure which results in less workload on each wire, with enough scope for functioning and optimising the current output needed for heavy-duty equipment and devices, like industrial driers.

In an industrial context, the wires that are commonly used are small, with single-phase motors. This increases the efficiency and durability of the motor with high outputs.

Industrial wiring requires very high levels of protection, in order to minimise the chances of accidents, therefore you’ll often find industrial wiring running through raceways and metal conduits, with many installations featuring armoured cable.


This would apply to businesses etc.

In some instances where a household posses more than one meters, a commercial rate will be charged for every other inspection after the first.

Commercial electrical settings may include restaurants, hospitals, schools, malls, and stores—basically any interior space that is accessible to the public.

Three Phase Inspections

3 phase power is a common form of electrical power supply for larger installations. To give an example, it is a popular method of electric power transmission throughout the national grid system.

It is typically installed in manufacturing and industrial environments because the equipment being used consumes larger amounts of current.

​The following electrical equipment usually requires three phase power:

  • Air conditioning
  • Plant and heavy machinery
  • Heating systems
  • Motors and pumps
  • UPS systems

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