The frequency of periodic inspection and testing shall be determined by the type of installation, its use, the frequency of maintenance and the external influences to which it is subjected”.

The time between periodic inspection and testing of installations should be based on a risk assessment with the intervals dependent on a number of parameters such as the

  • age of the installation,
  • quality of the installation,
  • environmental circumstances,
  • type of persons using the installation,
  • amount of supervision of the person responsible for the installation,
  • guidance of the manufacturer,
  • frequency of use,
  • knowledge of the user and
  • possibility of damage to the equipment The table below sets out suggested intervals between periodic inspection and testing. In certain instances, for example where large numbers of people are not expected to be present and the risk of damage is low, these intervals may not be applicable for a number of years after initial connection if, the installation has been certified following construction, the owner of the installation is in possession of the original certificate and the installation has not deteriorated significantly since construction.

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